Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ergobaby Organic Carrier Giveaway At Organic Girl's Blogspot!

Right now you can head over to organic girl's blog and enter to win your very own ergobaby organic carrier!

Ergo Organic Carriers are available in eight delightful colors like cranberry or dark chocolate. Organic Front Pouches are available to match every Organic Baby Carrier design. Organic Infant Inserts are available in Caramel and Moss, and Heart2Heart Inserts. Because ERGObaby is very concerned about correct support of our babies, through research studies, customer feedback and working directly with newborns, they have designed the ERGObaby Infant Insert . The design encourages healthy maturation of the spine by supporting the pelvis, hip joint, and leg position rather than putting a baby in a compromising sitting position before the spine is ready. The ERGObaby Infant Insert also supports the safety of the baby's head and neck in this critical stage of development. Organic Sucking Pads are available in Beige, Silver and Natural.
For more information on this product, go here:

This Giveaway is open to US and Canadians
Ends March 15 , 2010.......Goooood luck!

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